Matte Finish Copper Glass with Brass Aum, 200 ml



Pure copper glass to store water overnight and enjoy natural health benefits.

As per traditional systems of medicine, water stored in a copper vessel or glass for 6-8 hours can cleanse our system. Because copper's antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic and antioxidant properties get transferred to the water. Drinking this water can detoxify and balance your overall system. From fighting off cancer to helping cure Arthritis, aiding digestion to weight loss, its therapeutic uses are phenomenal. 

Isha Life’s copper glass in matte finish features an AUM in brass. Its curved lip makes for easy drinking. Packed in a beautifully designed AUM box, it also makes a thoughtful gift during special occasions.

Why Isha Life’s Matte Finish Copper Glass with Brass Aum?

- 200 ml capacity

- Made with high quality copper with therapeutic properties

- Beneficial for overall health

- Helps in cleansing the body and removing toxins

- Curved lip for ease of drinking

- AUM design in brass

Sadhguru Says“Because water has memory, we must be very concerned with how we store it.” Read the complete article: Water has memory!

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A few DOs and DON’Ts

    Copper utensils, when exposed to air and water, can gradually turn dark (bluish-green) and dull. Read our Copper Cleaning Guide to maintain it well.

-      Do not store milk, juices and other beverages in copper vessels

Isha Life’s copper vessels are designed for personal use on-the-go, for storing enough water for the whole family, for serving water at large and small gatherings and to have a healthy sip just for yourself. Check out our complete range of copperware.

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Matte Finish Copper Glass with Brass Aum, 200 ml

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