Dhyanalinga Copper Pendant



This intricately designed pendant has a design of Dhyanalinga on both sides. This pendant undergoes through a certain process of consecration where they have put it in Dhyanalinga for a certain period of time. Use of this pendant can enhance one's receptivity. It can be worn by anyone of any age group.
This pendant must be worn in the necklace/thread made from copper, silver, gold or silk only.


Note: All consecrated items cannot be return, refund or exchange of sizes once it is sold. 

Customer Reviews

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Kum Keong Ng

So far I do not have any special experience with it.

Subbarao Sreeraman

feel energetic after wear it.

Pragash Karuppiah
Still learning to Meditate

I am still learning to Meditate and stay focused.. I find the pendant a bit bulky but I hope to feel the Sadhana value and feel. If you can provide/sell a silk necklase with the Dhyanalinga Copper Pendant that will be great. The necklace that comes with the pendant is a bit hard/stiff and uncomfortable. I really hope to start my practise again and feel the benefit of pendant.

Also I have been trying to order the Linga Bhairavi pendant, but it is out of stock. I am also trying to create a small meditation area in my room so if you sell any consecrated linga that will help me a lot.

Listening to Sadhguru's talks and articles has thought me a lot about the universe, mind, body, science and how to disnant myself from my body and mind.

Dhishaliny Ambanasan

Pendant energy is great!

Ying Huey
sacred items very well packaged

I have been wearing everyday. gives me positive energy. thank you so much!

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