Devi Turmeric - small



Turmeric powder possesses rich medicinal properties and is used as an offering to the Devi. The turmeric comes encased in a tin box. This Devi turmeric has been consecrated in Linga Bhairavi Temple in India.

Turmeric is very beneficial. It has phenomenal benefits. It creates a certain vibrance around you, which changes the nature of the aura and it creates a certain glow. Turmeric not only works on the physiology, but also has a big impact on your energy system. It purifies the blood, body and energy system. For external purification, just take a small pinch of turmeric, put it into a bucket of water and pour it over your body – you will see, the body will be vibrant and glowing. - Sadhguru.

Sadhguru tells us about the importance of turmeric.

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