Curry Leaf Powder 100gms



You may have used curry leaves (murraya koenigii) in your food for their striking smell and distinct flavour but did you know that these modest-looking leaves are loaded with health benefits?

Curry leaves are a wonderful source of fiber, calcium, iron and vitamins. They are anti-diabetic, anti-oxidant and is good for the liver. Eating curry leaves regularly has been regularly assoociated with can lead to better heart functioning, improved digestion, hair growth, skin vitality and immunity.

Isha Life’s Curry Leaf Powder is all-natural and contains no preservatives. You can make it a part of your diet to enjoy its rich flavour and even richer health benefits! It can be mixed well with a dollop of ghee or gingelly oil and can be served as a spicy accompaniment with idly or dosa or even used to flavour hot cooked rice.

Why Isha Life’s Curry Leaf Powder?

  • Pure curry leaf powder, free of preservatives
  • Adds aroma and flavour to food preparation
  • Rich in fibre, calcium, vitamins and a good antioxidant
  • Can help in enhancing immunity

How to consume it?

Mix 1 tablespoon with regular food or lukewarm water or in case of indigestion, with buttermilk.

Customer Reviews

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RaviChandra Gorijavolu

I have seen significant improvement in my overall health after using this curry leaf powder...I think they made the way it doesn't lose any of its natural pro-healthy properties... every day instead of completing my dinner with curd rice, I have started to a teaspoon of this powder with a glass of buttermilk...I can feel significant improvement in my sleep quality, my mood, and my overall health...this is a great product and ISHA is such a boon to humankind these days amidst all the unreliable circus that's happening all over the world...

Make use of this great fortune while you can..."Health is Wealth" 🙏

Sudharshanaa Selvraju

Curry Leaf Powder 100gms

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