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Bhuta comes from the word panchabhuta or the five elements and Shuddhi means cleansing. Bhuta Shuddhi is a whole system of yoga based on the purification of the five elements, which helps you achieve a state of harmony and balance, enhancing the capability of your physical body, mind and energy.

This bhoomi is from a specific region in the Velliangiri Mountains where Sadhguru has spent time and done Sadhana. It is purified and consecrated before being offered for use in the Bhuta Shuddhi process. Purify your chakras and perform Bhuta Shuddhi with these beads of Bhoomi, which represents ‘earth’ in the five elements of Bhuta Shuddhi.

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Why Isha Life’s Bhuta Shuddhi Refill - Bhoomi?

  • Helps in the Bhuta Shuddhi process
  • Consecrated Bhoomi

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Ramaloo Appalasamy
Bhoomi refill had expired dates.

There were two times that I had made the order and both times I saw that I had received expired goods...both bhoomi refills had EXPIRED a year ago!

Gritharan Anandan

Great 😀

Ramaesh Dilliappan

got it on the very next day

3 month Boomi refill

Would be better to standardise the boomi size. There appears to be 2 types available (machine produced ones which are smaller and consistent in size and hand rolled ones which are bigger and inconsistent). Perhaps it can be noted which options are available for buyers to choose from instead of not knowing which to expect. Prefer the smaller sized ones.

Monica Tangonan

3 Month Refill (Bhoomi) for Program

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