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Yoga Gear

This Yogic gift set includes: 

  • Cotton Rug Yoga Mat - Orange

  • Organic Pillow (Kriya Cushion)

  • Yoga Mat Cover

Along with your gift, share Yoga Namaskar: a simple & powerful practice which brings balance and stability to the system and strengthens the spine.

Cotton Rug Yoga Mat

This attractive natural cotton yoga mat is comfortable and is designed to provide you with grip and stability for your yoga practices. Enjoy meditative sessions with this yoga rug crafted from high-quality cotton, which keeps you comfortable and provides grip while you perform your asanas.

Read how to clean your yoga mat.

Organic Pillow (Kriya Cushion)

This Pillow is an ideal support for those sitting in meditation for long periods (including vajrasana). It also supports your spine while practicing pranayama and feel at ease while taking in those deep and soothing breaths.

Yoga Mat Cover

These attractive cloth bags are constructed of 100% cotton. 

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