Thaai Mann - Consecrated Bhoomi for Sadhana Support


Strengthen your connection with the earth element and bring stability to your system.

"The most intimate aspect of the physicality is your own body. One way for you to transcend the physical is to constantly – experientially, not just intellectually – remind the body what it really is: just a piece of earth." – Sadhguru

Thaai Mann is a consecrated earth mixture prepared under Sadhguru's guidance. Applying Thaai Mann strengthens one's connection with the earth and can have immense benefits. It contains Earth, Mung Bean Flour, Raw Camphor, Vibhuti and Shikakai.

Prithvi, Bhoomi, or Earth is the first element among the Pancha Bhutas or five elements. Keeping a connection with the earth is known to bring stability to the system and enhance our capacity for rejuvenation.


  • Mix Thaai Mann with sufficient water to form a paste of desired consistency.
  • The best way to use Thaai Mann is to apply it to your entire body and do your sadhana.
  • After completing your sadhana, shower without using any soap.
  • Avoid applying any cream, oil, or other body products for at least 2-3 hours after the shower. This allows the body to breathe.
  • If sadhana time is limited, then before sadhana, it’s important to apply it on the soles of the feet, palms, around the navel, on the Anahata (the point where the rib cage meets), on the pit of the throat, or entire throat and between the eyebrows or on the entire forehead or face, as preferred.
  • It is recommended that a minimum application of Thaai Mann can be done from head to toe at least one day in every moon cycle. This means you apply it once every 14-15 days. Keep it on the body for 2-3 hours before washing off.

Thaai Mann is for external use only.

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Nicholas Ku
Expired Date

As the packing stated expired a year from manufacturer. Unfortunately the pack I received was expired. Just my two cents feedback hope you will improve and check the product before send out even expired still can use it. It is better informed clients the product was expired and still can use it.




Very pleasant effect

Thaai Mann


Thai Mannu

I really like it, surprisingly makes your skin feel very clean. I experienced no dryness after using this product which is a bonus. I even use it on my face. Hope isha restocks when needed.

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